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 Dallas, TX
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The Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS is the oldest and one of the largest funders of HIV/AIDS service and education programs in the U.S. Since its founding in 1984, DIFFA has mobilized the immense resources of the design communities to provide over $30 million to hundreds of AIDS organizations nationwide.

Starting with volunteers from fashion, interior design, furnishings and architecture, supporters of DIFFA now come from every field associated with fine design. With 15 chapters nationwide, DIFFA has also been an innovative agent in drawing local and national corporations into the fight against the epidemic, and enjoys tremendous support from the business community.

DIFFA grants funds to organizations which fight AIDS by providing:

  • preventive education programs targeted to populations at risk of infection
  • treatment and direct-care services for people living with AIDS
  • public policy intitiatives which add resources to private sector efforts

Drawing on the contributions of world renowned creative and corporate leaders, DIFFA's fundraising activities are among the most celebrated in AIDS philanthropy. Through special events and "passive royalty" arrangements, DIFFA raises money for the battle against AIDS like no other organization can. This unique position has enabled DIFFA to cement its reputation for innovation by rallying diverse communities to a common purpose.

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