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Exposing the seamy underside of D/FW nightlife

Thanks for tuning in to the second episode of Flash, the column dedicated to exposing the seamy underside of D/FW nightlife. It's the scoop on the people, places and problems surrounding single life in Dallas. And as always, the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

Milk Does a Body Good

If you ever doubted this saying, a look at some of the bodies at Milk Bar should convince you. I know milk does a body good, but DAMN, how much you drinking? Milk Bar is the latest in the long line of places to see and be seen in Dallas. And with some of the outfits spotted there recently, there's a lot of body to be seen.

Milk Bar is really Dragonfly, the Sequel. And like most sequels, it's very much the same story with a different name (think any of the Rockys, Lethal Weapons, or Rambos.) While Dragonfly was the place to be last fall, Milk Bar is the place this spring. The changes from the old to the new are minor and mostly cosmetic. The couches on the rooftop deck are a nice touch, but take up way too much room in a bar that already gets way too crowded. And who can argue with the white gogo boots on the waitresses? Not me. The boots and the short white outfits bring back some of my best naughty nurse fantasies.

The crowd hasn't changed much from the Dragonfly either. Not that that's all bad. Remember, not all sequels suck (think Godfather II or Empire Strikes Back.) It's the same beautiful people and hipsters that regularly inhabit Zubar. In fact, the flow between the two places is so heavy that a crossing guard would be nice. Maybe a hottie in one of those sexy, skimpy cop uniforms. With black gogo boots. Excuse me, I'm going to need a few minutes…

Anyway, the one thing I find funny about the whole evolution of Milk Bar from Dragonfly is that one is named for a white liquid that comes in a carton, while the other was done in by a white substance that comes in a powder.


For those of you looking for the sounds of Seven at 7:00 pm rather than 2:00 am, or the atmosphere of Area 51 when you're not in the area, try Trance: a State of Altered Consciousness. No matter what your state of mind, altered or not, from sober to wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, this will get you moving.

And as always, the views expressed here don't necessarily reflect the views of anyone else on the planet, much less Us Exposed.

- Flash -


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