lori.jpg (18724 bytes) The Blue Goose has been a haven for many years as a place to gather friends and companions together for good food, good times and good memories.

Unfortunately, on February 27th of this year, 37 year old Lori Looney, a 13 year employee and manager of The Blue Goose passed away of pneumonia just months after giving birth to her third child. Hundreds of friends, fellow Blue Goose employees and family will miss her greatly.

Lori now has three young children with little means of support and hope for a quality education, something Lori wanted most for her kids.

An educational trust has been set up in Lori Looney's name to help provide for Nicholas, Maxx and Jack. These three young children are no longer with the love and care of their mother. Lets all do our part to help in this cause. If it were our crisis, we would all appreciate the good hearts of people willing to step in and help with loved ones left behind.

Contributions are now being graciously accepted at:

Parkway Hills Baptist Church

2700 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, Texas 75093

(972) 403-1010