Three Star Productions Inc. welcomes the opportunity to provide entertainment and excitement to your nightlife. While serving the DFW area with a variety of theme parties and events, we work in harmony with all your favorite local bars and restaurants. We also take pride in donating to our favorite charities from each event. Listed in local papers, magazines and thanks to, we are able to promote our most current and upcoming events. Please pass this on to your friends and join us at our next event. Thanks for your inquiry and remember, let us bring the excitement to you. If you are not yet on our mailing list and would like updates to our next events, check UsExposed or email us at Also if you would like to have YOUR favorite charity sponsored at our events, please contact us with all of the information.

Party Pics 

  whstar.gif (874 bytes) Tim West
whstar.gif (874 bytes) Ryan Lowe

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